STRATEGIC PLANNING:  The strategic planning process is an organizational exercise that defines and strengthens the focus and energy of the businesses mission towards future success.  This is accomplished through an efficient six phase process that efficiently moves an organization through the data collection and assessment phases of the process and into the development of the plan.  The process creates a pathway to success by setting measurable goals and objectives for the organization and assisting them in developing a tactical plan to ensure these goals are being reached.  This future-focused process is a dynamic process that enables a business to thrive into the future. 
The strategic planning process is comprised of a six phase process that is typically conducted through three to four ½ day workshops that involve the leadership and identified participants of the business.  The six phases are identified below:

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT:  Employees are the most important aspect of your business.  It is extremely important that your staff are engaged, motivated, and accountable for every aspect of their position.  Next Level Business Consulting can assist you in developing a performance plan that helps you hold staff accountable to ensure your business or organization is thriving.  By assisting you in developing a performance management plan that is comprised of objective and subjective measures, we can alleviate a significant amount of stress associated with holding employees accountable. 

ASSESSMENT:  Next Level Business Consulting utilizes a wide variety of tools and instruments from the Industrial Organizational psychology field.  By administering surveys, conducting interviews and using other assessments, we are able to provide an in-depth evaluation of an organization and provide an analysis that will provide the information necessary to help the organization thrive into the future.


COACHING:  Next Level Business Consulting provides executive, business, and professional coaching to organizations and individuals.  We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients through building relationships, listening to your goals, and providing the coaching and mentoring to help you reach them.  We have years of experience in providing coaching and mentoring to individuals across the life cycle of the employee.  From those who are just entering the workforce and want interviewing skills to land their first job, to those who are wanting to continue their professional development to prepare them for their next promotion, we are here for you.